What is a Ramblin Rose?

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLCWhat is a Ramblin Rose?  Well in the literal sense, it is a hybrid Rose that is always climbing, always spreading vines with beautiful flowers. The impressive thing is that no matter what hazards it encounters along the way, it doesn’t stop growing.   In today’s culture, the meaning is similar, but different!    I have heard different things, so to get to the Root (ok pun intended, I admit it!!) I did a google search and found this,   Urban Dictionary’s Definition

According to the Urban Dictionary, a Ramblin Rose is a person who accepts their life journey as it comes.   I read in this definition that they are “unfazed” by any challenges that come into their path.  Well honestly, here I am going to have to disagree!  In fact, that suggestion really got my Irish up!  I guess a true blue American country girl shouldn’t go to an Urban Dictionary!   Anyway,  I feel the need to defend my understanding of the definition.  I also want to put to rest some of the less favorable connotations that have been twisted into this wonderful term.  I have heard Nat King Cole sing a song by this name, and  so did the band Grateful Dead.  I am not a fan, as a matter of fact their name gives me the heeby jeebies!  And of course, as expected, Hollywood has twisted it too.

So back to what I think a person who is called a “Ramblin Rose” looks like!  I don’t think they are “unfazed” by the rough times in their life.   Rather like the Beautiful Hybrid Roses that share this special moniker, they encounter these hazards of life and they LEARN how to GROW and FLOURISH in spite of them!  A person that is a true Ramblin Rose, is a person that stands as an example when she (or he!) encounters trouble or trauma in life.  No matter what that trouble or trauma looks like, they face it!  And they do so with courage, faith, determination, and an unquenchable spirit!    If that is true, and I believe it is because I think I’m a proverbial “textbook case”, then when you meet a Ramblin Rose, and you get to know a person like this, you will be encouraged, inspired, wiser for the experience.  And if your savvy, you will have made a new friend!

Being in The Ramblin Rose Circle of Friends!

We “Ramblin Roses” aren’t always the most glamorous, the richest, or most popular people.  We may not be the easiest to get to know, but I promise you it is definately worth every ounce of effort!  We are never dull!  Once you are in our circle of friends, we are the most crazy, encouraging, wise, responsibly wild, funny, caring, and adventurous kind of folks you will ever meet!
So why did I tell you all of this?  Because I want to ask you to Pretty Please Subscribe To This Blog!   :-)Then sit back, get comfy, grab a cup of coffee, or a spot o’ tea, or a perfectly blended Margarita (whatever works for you)!  Are You Ready?  OK Good!  You have found a friendship and a journey that will change your life!  I am so glad your here!  Welcome My Friend, Be Blessed!