Mistakes are a not Failure but a Crossroad


Many years ago, life taught me a very important lesson.  We all make mistakes right?  Lets face it, it is human to mess up, and make mistakes, but the most important thing when you make a mistake, isn’t the mistake itself, it is what you do with the mistake that will ultimately make all the difference.

I have learned it is best to think of a mistake as a Crossroad, that is a spot in the road where you can’t go any further, without turning left or right.   In that moment, you have messed up and you know it, so you must deal with it by turning right or turning left.    Now, let’s say you are the  type to point fingers and lay blame for your mistakes on the nearest poor soul you can find….that is like making a left turn at the Crossroad, you will go around and around, and around to the left, because you didn’t learn anything from your mistake, you didn’t take responsibility, you played the blame game.   When we accept zero responsibility, and learn nothing, that mistake becomes a failure, so you will need another chance Right?  No worries, I guarantee, if you make a wrong choice, you will come back around with the same mistake or one VERY similar and get another shot to do it better!

But what if you mess up and you admit it at that Crossroad?  If you take responsibility for the mistake, and make a serious effort to learn and grow from the mistake, that is like a Right turn at the Crossroad, and Congratulations!  By taking responsibility and making right choices at the Crossroad, your mistake actually becomes a stepping stone to Success!   It is really a simple concept, but one that can make such a profound impact on a life!