My Journey

You might be wondering who I am and why I started this blog, so here is a little about me.  🙂  I am a  40 something year young woman who has been through a lot of struggles in life, including surviving an abusive relationship, two less than perfect marriages, two serious car accidents, a traumatic horseback riding accident, just to name a few.   At one point in my life I was a hypocritical atheist, I say that because I said I didn’t believe in God, but when bad things happened, I blamed the entity I claimed I didn’t believe in!  That has changed, I absolutely believe there is a God.   In my opinion, as a result of that change of attitude, I now live a life that I consider to be an ongoing, exciting learning Journey!  I married a wonderful man in 2015 that is my best friend, I  have realized a dream I have had since childhood of living on a small hobby farm with horses, chickens, cats and a dog that has been my fur-kid since she was weaned almost 10 years ago!  In the last few years I have dabbled at a variety of new to me things, for the fun and the adventure!  Some examples are: learning to cook in a variety of styles, like chuckwagon and international cuisine, learning vegetable and flower gardening, learning how to can, learning to play an Irish drum, overcoming fear and learning to ride a horse better, learning how to do liberty training with a horse, caring for chickens, kayaking, fly fishing, traveling to New places and exploring the history of them…the list goes on and on, cause I have so much living yet to do!!


This blog is an exploration of the idea of Life being a Journey.  An ongoing look at how it should be, with the understanding that as long as you are alive and breathing, you should never stop learning and growing!  Whether you are exploring new places, new ideas, new hobbies, meeting new people, making new friends, making new memories, etc, always keep the perspective that Life is a Journey.   Our Journey will not always be a smooth one, I can guarantee there will be bumps along the way!  But with a positive attitude our Journey will always a be  Beautiful, Full Life!!