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It is my hope that you will find this blog fun, but also interesting, challenging, and maybe even inspiring!   I believe for that to happen, it always helps to get better acquainted!   So, to be neighborly, and fun!  I am posting some pictures from my little corner of the world!  My family, my husband and I’s little farm, and pictures from our adventures on this Journey of Life! 

My Family, my cousin’s wedding 1985 My Sons and My (Grand)Daughter

 Me and the Gang 2013!










Met the Love of My Life 2015




The Rose that is always on my table!





My Birthday Present 2015

My Fairy Tale  Wedding 

Now One Big Happy Family!

My Children  My Beautiful Girls

My Children by Marriage, but loved as if they were my own!




So in 2015, My Life begins as the New Farm Girl!  Meet Bella our first barn cat, and Abby my furkid since 2008 with CeCe barn cat number 2!


Bella surprised us shortly after Christmas with 3 little ones!   Then came two new Welsummer Hen babies to add to the Hen Girls we already had,for a total of 5 Chickens, Beauty, Buffy, Zelda, and now Autumn and Summer!   







This is my favorite of the little tom cats that were born, we call him Bozeman, or Boze for short.  He is quite a little gentleman and a great mouser! 




So by 2016, we had a dog, a small flock of chickens for eggs, and plenty of barn cats, but we didn’t stop there!    

Even with all the farm babies we had, I really wanted horses.   I was determined after my accident in 2011 to conquer my fear of riding.   It took quite a few horses, that were good equines, just not a good fit for me to be able to work past my fear.  Then thanks to a wonderful lady in Mason City Iowa, we ended up with these two beautiful boys!  They are both great, easy to ride, very responsive to training and just all around fun horses to have around!      Meet Maverick, an older Arabian gelding that stands just over 14 hands tall, and in the second picture is Tahoe, the “young gun”, he is just under 5 years old, and a lot like a teenager at times!  Tahoe is definitely the bigger of the two at over 15 hands, but the older and wiser Maverick is the Boss!  At least until I am there!  We trail ride, do Liberty Training and might even show in 2018!

This beautiful little girl is my (Grand) Daughter Desi, she lived with me for the first 11 years of her life, and now attends school and lives with her biological mother, my daughter Eileen and her Grandfather in Michigan.  She technically is a grandchild, but having raised her for so many years, I love her as if she were my own daughter and always will.   Her and I went through a lot, and we aren’t done yet, I am hoping to take her on a Girl’s Only Vacation soon!     



This photo is of some dear people, my future daughter in law Samantha, and my future in lawsand my all-time favorite Lily!  She is a girl with a flair for the dramatic, a smile that lights up your day, and absolutely fun sense of humor!  We haven’t figured out if I am an Aunt, a Cousin, or just her all-time favorite Lisa!  Whatever she calls me, I will come spend time with her guaranteed! 

So there is the family! And this last picture is an ornament I had made this last Christmas (2017) with all the names of my kids, whether they are kids by birth or kids by choice, they are loved just the same, each one holds a very special place in my heart!






Did I mention I am also blessed with Grandpuppies? This picture is my son Alex with Ruger, a puppy he gave a forever home to right after Christmas 2016, but by then I already had Grand-puppy #1, Luna, in the pink…..

Ruger, Christmas 2017 Now Alex and his Fiance have Jade too!  Luna is the oldest of the Grand-puppies, then Ruger, then Jade….in this picture, they are sporting their new sweaters I got them for Christmas last year right after Grandma wore them out playing tug of war!   

My husband and I have taken a vacation every year since we got married, and so far we have been to the Black Hills three times, Kearney Nebraska, Colorado and The Frontier Days in Cheyenne Wyoming once.  We always have a lot of fun, the first two years we did hotels and a tent, but this year, we got crazy and decided to buy a vintage camper to see if we could make things more interesting?!  Well we sure did that!! While nothing went as planned, we made some great memories, met some Very Interesting people, and discovered some breathtakingly beautiful spots!

I should also mention I am a licensed Christian minister, not because I am perfect, goodness knows I am far from perfect!  But because I have come to the conclusion after all these years that the two most important things in life are marriage and family,  and the two need to go hand in hand.  Because of that, I do perform the occasional wedding, and as I have started doing weddings, I have realized the importance of doing some foundation work with the couple before the ceremony, marriage is definitely the hardest job you will ever undertake, but when done right, with the right tools, it is the most rewarding thing two people can do, and has benefits for many generations to come!  Here are some photos of weddings I have been honored to  perform!

 My younger brother and his fiance were the first couple I performed a ceremony for, and as you can see…I was more nervous than the Groom!

 My friend and daycare provider, Lisa asked me to step in and do the wedding ceremony for her son Matthew and his fiance, Aislin.   Since they grew up in a daycare environment and loved kids, so I used a two cans of Playdoh, one pink and one blue and had them mix the two colors together to illustrate making a marriage “work”.  Then I asked them to take the now Purple Playdoh and separate it again into Pink and Blue, they looked puzzled and told me that it couldn’t be done.  I then explained I did this to teach them that marriage is like the Playdoh they held, once joined, it is not to be separated again.  While this wedding was put together on rather short notice, and on a Tuesday, because Matthew is in the military, things went great!  And the bonus was, it held in the same location as my own wedding to my Dream Guy John!

I traveled a  little way to marry this couple, Alexandria and Joseph, but by doing so, what had been a young couple with a family, became a Bride and Groom with a Forever Family!  I was impressed with how this couple seemed to be committed to working together to make sure they provided a happy home for their children!

This past summer I performed a wedding for this young couple that were expecting their first child, while they also had been a couple for awhile, they had decided to make the lifelong commitment to one another in matrimony.  So, in a beautiful ceremony in very romantic setting, I got to introduce an adorable couple as the new Mr and Mrs.!  They have now welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world!

I have changed things about how I  do a wedding, and what my requirements are for the couple prior to the ceremony.   This comes as a result of agreeing to do a couple of weddings that were rushed, and me feeling a good deal of guilt for not having the time to teach a prospective couple some valuable tools for making their marriage work.  I have come to realize that somewhere along the way, as a society, we stopped thinking that we when say “Til Death Do Us Part” it means forever and started thinking it just means “until you stop making me happy”.   Marriage is like a roller coaster, you can expect some UpS, and I guarantee there will also be some DoWnS!!  That fact is a part of life for sure, so why wouldn’t it be a part of a marriage too?   Love is an amazing thing, but sometimes when you don’t feel like it, you must choose it.  No young couple I have met with to plan a wedding seem to really GET that important fact like these two!   Yes, this is my Son Alex and the Daughter of my Heart and soon to be Daughter in Law Samantha.  Several months ago they asked me if I would do their wedding ceremony and I can not think of any greater honor for a Mother to have!  They sent me a gift when I agreed to be the minister for their wedding, with a beautiful cross, and a letter that brought me to tears beccause these two young people really Understand what Love and Marriage means!  The best part is, they as a couple will have the benefit of me, as the Pastor and the Mother of the Groom, having put together some fun assignments that they and every couple I marry from now forward will be required to complete.  I purchased and gave Alex and Samantha the book “Love and Respect”, along with the workbook to go along with it, and also purchased them the audio book called “The 5 Love Languages” both are some of the best resources available to a couple embarking on a forever Journey together!

Thanks for reading all the way through!  Now you know a little about me, check out the blog and please feel free to make comments and suggestions! Be Blessed!